My First Short Film:One More Day

Well after six weeks of complete and utter chaos, I can finally say I have completed boot camp at Syracuse University! From sleepless nights, to unforgettable experiences, this has been one of the most life changing summers of my life. I’ve learned so many new things, have met some pretty amazing and talented people, and have discovered a strength and drive within myself that I didnt know existed! It’s so crazy how quickly things change from a dream and desire to being thrown into the deep end of reality. As scary as that is, I believe it’s an experience that every person following a dream should have. It’s so easy to think about a dream and what things will be like when you’ve achieved that dream, but the real test comes with actually doing it. The real test comes when you’re in the building and hard work stages- I believe that’s what determines how serious you are and where you learn how ready you are to follow your dreams.

All in all, after this summer, I can say that I know I am ready to follow my dream. Is it going to be easy? Of course not. Is it going to happen overnight? No way. However, I’m up for the challenge. Check out my my first milestone, and short film I produced entitled, “One More Day”. Please give me feedback, share, and support! I would really appreciate it!

Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You dont have to be a rock, you can be a diamond.




The Road to Television: Halfway Done

As I reach the halfway point of summer bootcamp at Syracuse University, I have a lot of awesome things going on!!! Watch for yourself!!!😀😀

I truly hope that everyone is enjoying these videos, and I hope they are an inspiration to those of you who are still afraid to follow your dreams!❤

You don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can  be a diamond!



Don’t Decorate Your Cage

While I was scrolling down my instagram, I ran across an interesting photo:

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When I saw this it really made me think- A cage if decorated is still a cage. What does that mean? Here are my thoughts:

Sometimes in life we are put in situations that we don’t like. We are stuck doing things and being involved in things that we feel like we have no control over, but have no choice but to do it. Whether it be a person, a job, or a living situation, we start to feel trapped.

Because we feel trapped and like we have no other options, we begin to settle for these bad situations. We begin to pretend that everything is great when it isn’t. We shift our mind to thinking that we are happy when we’re not. We begin to think that we’re satisified when we’re not. We begin to decorate our cage.

Today I am encouraging us not to decorate our cages. Dont settle for people, situations, jobs, lives, or whatever way our cage decides to manifest itself that we aren’t happy with or satisfied with. When we’re feeling trapped in our cages and like we have no choice but to settle, remember that the key to freedom lies within us. However, finding it starts with a decision. It’s a decision to believe we’re worth more. It’s decision to realize that we don’t have to settle for anything less than extraoridnary and amazing. It’s a decision to follow a dream, to pursue a goal. It’s a decision to be happy- it’s decison to be free.

Remember, you dont have to be average you can be extraordinary. You dont have to be a rock, you can be a diamond.


Ebony Queen

Ebony Queen;
Her Beauty sweet like a summer's eve
Her skin glistens like a starry night
Her soul burns with a passion deep

She stands alone, her back to the world
A taste of wisdom with each word she speaks
Natural power inscribed in her spirit
O how black and beautiful is she

Ebony Queen;
In her eyes you can see a dream
Her motivation, strong and unwavering
The love in her heart sings like a melody

Her head looks toward the sky,
depending on God to guide her way
Solid and confident, she walks with grace
Leaving a path of hope and faith

Ebony Queen;
She carries on her grandmother's honor
Her mother's virtue and sparkling pride
Her ancestor's blood runs through her veins
The whispering voices of the wise

Ebony Queen;
A stature of elegance in God's own image
A momentous portrait of prayer and peace
Ebony, Ebony, beautiful Ebony
The Voice of Victory

-Kayla Skipper

Guest Poet: Frantzline Tingue

In honor of Diamonds and Dreams Poetry Month, check out this amazing poet Frantzline Tingue sharing her poem, I’m Worthy.


I’m Worthy

By: Frantzline Tingue

You’re nothing. You’re nobody. You are worthless. The words buzz at my ears and ache at my head. I remember them. They’re sharp and painful. I’m nothing. I’m nobody. I’m worthless. Nothing matters anymore. All I am and all I was is now gone. I sit at the end of the highway bridge. The cars zoom past behind me. Some cars beep. Do they see me? Do they wonder why I’m there? Why is she hanging out on the highway? Will she jump or is she just sitting there? Nah. Nevermind. They’re just there. They just are. And at the same time, they’re not. Just like I am to them. I stand up. I’m nothing. They’re nothing. We have our own lives. We just happen to live in the same world. But it doesn’t matter. 

But wait. If they’re nothing and I’m nothing and life goes on, why am I here? Why am I doing this? I think back. I remember the words again. Yeah. That’s right. I remember. How can I forget? We might all be nothing in the same world but I’m beneath them. So far from nothing. They drive their cars and live their life but I’m just here- sitting at the end of the highway bridge. They don’t beep at me. I have to remember the words. I have to remember who I am. I’m nothing. I’m nobody. I’m worthless.

I take a step and look down. There’s water and large rocks. I take a breath. A deep breath. I can do this. I’m not a wimp. I’m not a punk. I can do this. I take another deep breath. I can hear them laughing. They’ll see. They’ll all see. They’ll regret their words. They’ll hurt so much that they’ll all do the same. I hope they will. I hope they can’t stand themselves. I hope they grab a gun and pull the trigger. Take a knife and jab it in. Take those pills and choke on them. Walk to a bridge and fall. Anyway. Anyhow. I just hope it’s done. I jump.

I’m falling. The wind is blowing in my ears. My hair flying all over the place. My eyes are wide. My face flabbing. My arms whalling. I can’t relax. What have I done? I’m falling. I’m falling to my death. It’s gonna hurt. There will be pain. My heart aches. I let out a scream. I’m screaming. I’m falling.


I shake awake. I’m in my bed. I’m alive. I’m not falling. I’m not hurting. They are tears in my eyes. I remember my words. I’m something. I’m somebody. I’m worthy. I matter. I won’t ever think less or let someone else force me to believe that I’m worthless.